Long Beach Comic Expo!


I’ll be releasing the first ever copies of book one in my young adult fantasy series, The Chronicles of Royal High, The Lost Noble, at Long Beach Comic Expo 2018! Come see me, say hello, and I’ll gladly sign your copy! If you’re unable to make it to the con, then I’ll be going live with it on Amazon within the week. So you’ll be able to order your copy there, too.

I’m still trying to remember how to breathe, this is all so amazing. I’ve had this dream for over half my life, and now it’s going to be reality. I am incredibly grateful for all of the people in my life who believed in me, and who supported me. I now get to share the lore and the world of Edenarth with you all!

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Book Art and all Art Design by Ed Litfin


– R. Litfin

Unboxing Video!

BY THE RADIANCE! They came! The books came and they’re real and beautiful and I’m like still freaking out over it.

This is the unboxing video of the first shipment EVER for my YA Fantasy book series, The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble! Due to a series of circumstances, I ended up being called out to finish my first novel for Long Beach Comic Expo 2018 (that’s what happens when you tell everyone that your book is “basically done” when it isn’t *nevous laughter*).

Thus began the crazy, intense push to get the book out as I had only a month to finish the edits on it (Lord bless my editor’s poor soul). I then had to format it all through the self publishing platform Createspace, not to mention my dad had to complete all of the artwork and then order all of the banners and cards for my booth. Then, I had to obtain a business license, sellers permit, create the order in Amazon for purchase, and then, when I actually ordered the first boxes, the shipment said it was going to be delayed and wouldn’t make it in time for Long Beach Comic Expo (my launch). I spent two days on the phone with Createspace coordinating back and forth to get these expedited here in time.

And now they are here.

I’m still in awe, wondering if this is even real.

As of writing this, I’ll be at Long Beach Comic Expo the weekend of February 17-18, 2018, Booth F13, selling the first editions of The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble. After that, the book will be available for purchase on Amazon starting February 19th. (I’ll post the link here after we go live with it!)

Next convention I’ll be selling at is Silicon Valley Comic Con, April 4-6, 2018. I’m still adding cons and faires to my lineup so keep on the look out.

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Book Art and all Art Design by Ed Litfin


– R. Litfin


I want to start this blog post off by apologizing for falling off the face of the earth.

I had intended this wordpress to be a place for updates and in keeping myself accountable regarding my journey in creating the world of Edenarth, and in establishing The Chronicles of Royal High. Sadly, self doubt and social anxiety kept me from doing just that. I made little headway over the years on this beloved world of mine, and as such, I felt like nothing I had to say was worth putting out there. Years passed, and I felt like because I wasn’t published, or at least even remotely done with the first novel, then I really should just sit down and shut up. I was all talk and no bang, and, quite frankly, I felt embarrassed of myself.

To be a real writer, one needs to write (or so I told myself).

This sort of imposter syndrome created a really toxic headspace, and because of guilt, I withdrew from doing a lot of things I loved.

If you have time to relax, you can write, my rather cruel brain would echo.

You’re going out with with your friends, but you should be finishing your novel, it would scoff bitterly.

Why are you enjoying that video game when you should be editing your dumb book?

You’re sleeping again? Why are you so lazy?

Why can’t you just concentrate for once?

I questioned everything I did, and I continually sat on this novel series, never really getting that last chapter done. Self sabotage all the way. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I often felt the constricting failure creep around me; failure because, at one time, I had told everyone my aspirations for this thing, and whenever they would ask when they could read it, my instinctual answer was, “Oh, soon!”

And soon never came.

Eventually, I had a good friend point something out to me.

“You’re scared of it,” they said.

Who, me? Scared? No way, I thought.

I have wanted this more than anything in my entire life. I want to see Edenarth realized, I want Adella and her friends to have life. I want people to connect with them in the way that I have! I want this fandom to be real. I want it all.

Scared? Me?

Funny thing is, they say we don’t see ourselves all that clearly. It sometimes takes that outside perspective.

And in the last year, I realized this friend was right: I was scared.

Putting my writing into this perspective changed a lot for me. I hate confrontation. I hate problems that are hard to solve. I can be lazy, absolutely. But I do not run from truth. We must embrace truth.

And I realized that my truth was that I, in fact, was scared. I was scared of rejection. I was scared of trying so hard, and getting nothing. I am scared of what The Chronicles of Royal High can be. Scared of the wonderful, joyous new fandom that this WILL be. I am scared of it all, the good and the bad.

But you know the one thing about fear that makes it worth it?


We cannot have courage without fear.

And the biggest fear came when, as a “gift” unto me, I was secured a table at Long Beach Comic Expo 2018 to sell my books. The book that I have claimed was “almost done” for the last three years. Essentially, I was called out, and the fear of failing my loved ones pushed me to do something really insane.

I completed the The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble in five weeks. Five weeks of nonstop pouring over it. Five weeks of editing and painstakingly formatting it. Five weeks to collaborate on all of the art and the book cover with my Dad, Ed Litfin (who, by the way, has some crazy design skills). Five weeks to get the booth setup together, the banners, to self publish it, and to order the actual book shipment. Five weeks to secure my seller’s permit, the business license, and update all of my social media. All of it, in five weeks.

I became a hermit. For those of you who have known me, for the month of January, I was a freaking hermit.

And now, it is done. It. Is. Finished. FINALLY.

The fear of failing curated this intense courage to not take no for an answer, because failing was not an option to me. And now, The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble is officially done. It is one week until Long Beach Comic Expo 2018, and as I sit here writing this, I have been living in an intense few days of euphoria. I’m excited and relieved. My anxiety, at least in a positive way, is at an all time high. I cannot wait for next weekend.

And so I close with this: overcoming fear is one of the most powerful things, second only to true love. If courage and love abound in your heart, then you truly can do anything. I felt lost, but all it took was one snap moment, and the refusal to take failure as an answer.


– R. Litfin

So It Begins

First post? Heck yeah! It’s about time! Welcome to the blog everyone! It is 3:30 in the morning and I’m just about to leave for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Con 2015. My allergies are kicking my butt right now (where did I put that Claritin box??), but I wanted to make sure I got this live before I left! In short, I’ll be posting all things new and happening with The Chronicles of Royal High right here. Above you will find the ‘Welcome’ tab which explains a little background as to how this series came about. Next to that is a condensed synopsis of the first book in the Chronicles of Royal High series. I am so excited that finally the work is done. As of November 1st, 2015, Phantasm Magazine will be live with their new November issue. They did an author’s feature on me (my first one ever!) PLUS a short excerpt from The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Princess. Alongside that will be published a never before seen photo shoot my father, Ed Litfin, also known as ~zipdodah, and I collaborated on. It is a set unlike anything I’ve ever shot before. We styled it to echo the feel of the excerpt while keeping to the dark theme of Phantasm’s November issue.

I cannot help my bursting heart. In the last six months alone so much has changed, and now one of my biggest dreams is beginning to take life. Stay tuned for updates, I will be posting as soon as I know more information. Lastly, if you’re not already there, check out my Instagram, @rachellitfin, where I’m a little more active, as well as my official Facebook fanpage R. Litfin.

Well, I think that is all for now my loves. Now, off to finishing shoving all my junk into my suitcases. Comikaze awaits!

This is only the beginning.

– R. Litfin